Cloud Computing: A Reminder to Backup Your Data

Jun 10, 2011

This week, with Apple’s unveiling of their new iCloud service, the cloud enters the mainstream.  

You can listen to Laura Sydell and Melissa Block from NPR talking about the announcement here.

Cloud computing, which has been in practice in corporate business for some years, comes with some concerns, however. Apple’s announcement raises questions about data security and data privacy.

But there’s also the real danger of over-reliance, the spectre of which was raised when I ran across an article with this heading: Using cloud computing for disaster recovery.
I’m not suggesting it’s not worth consideration as part of a broader strategy, but I worry that people see cloud storage as a panacea for data security and access.

The cloud, like any communications technology, is subject to failure, as business users found out in April of 2010, when The popular CRM Software giant, NetSuite Went down worldwide.


The cloud does not eliminate the need to back up your data.


This is a reminder to review your data back up and business disaster recovery plans.

You'll find some suggestions here.

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