Web-based Solo Performance Relay

Jun 20, 2011

One artist. One day. One take. Infinite possibilities.
One-Shot is a web-based, solo performance relay, curated by Sarah Maxfield and produced in collaboration with Gibney Dance. Each participating artist receives six hours of rehearsal time at Gibney Dance Center during which to create a solo performance specifically for the Internet. Each web-based solo is premiered online and remains available in a web-based catalogue for performance viewing at any time. One-Shot aims to maximize existing resources to spark creativity and community.

The series is an exploration of artists' "cultural relationship to the Internet, the irony of technology that it is both a conduit and a barrier to communication, and the difficulty of balancing a focus on process with the permanence of recorded media."

One Shot on Vimeo

Latest Installment:

One-Shot #9: Juliana May from Sarah Maxfield on Vimeo.


Tags: dance, media, web, solo

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