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Jul 4, 2011

Klout and other similar social media influencer analytics made news in the New York Times last week. It’s a good time to review social media monitoring and the tools that are out there for helping to measure beyond clickstreams and think about engagement, relationships, influencers and, not least importantly, return on investment (ROI). Of course, you’ve got to set your goals and objectives first.  
>> Setting up website and other goal tracking in analytics allows you to track your site conversions back to the source/medium of traffic. Each site conversion (product purchase, email, download) should be assigned a real dollar value in your analytics package. For example, on an eCommerce site this is easy; a widget costs $5, so each conversion/sale is worth $5. You can quickly learn that on average, 100 social media visits result in 10 widget purchases, or $50. After building a little historical data you can place a per-visit dollar value on all referral traffic sources - ppc ads, organic search traffic, referring sites, Twitter traffic, Facebook, etc. While you would obviously never ignore a social channel that hosts conversations about your business, you could find out that Twitter traffic is more valuable to your company than Facebook. Growing the engagement level of that channel could then have a significant impact on a company. There are so many take-aways once the traffic is assigned value. <<
Scott Benson, Online Marketing Manager at Vocus


Here is comprehensive list of social media monitoring tools, engagement platforms, and influencer analytics. (We’ve previously posted here about UberVu and Grader.) We’d love to hear from anyone using these, or any other similar platforms, software, or apps.
Alterian helps organizations to create relevant, effective and engaging experiences with their audience that create value and reinforce commitment to their brand.
Attentio lets you analyze the buzz around your brands or products.
Attensity 360: Actionable insights from social media.
BrandWatch: Social Media Monitoring (SMM)
BuzzStream integrates Twitter with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
ChartBeat Real-time web analytics.
Converseon: Listen, Organize, Engage, Measure.
Crimson Hexagon: SMM and analysis.
Crowdbooster: Social media marketing analytics and optimization.
Cymfony: Market Influence analytics.
Get Satisfaction: Customer community software.
Grader: Measuring what matters.
Hashtracking: Hashtag tracking and analytics.
Involver: Engagement platform.
Keotag: Tracking tag use.
Klout: The standard for influence.
MentionMapp: Twitter visualization (coming soon).
Monitter: Real-time Twitter search and monitoring.
PeerIndex: Understanding your online social capital.
PeopleBrowser: Viral analytics.
Performable: Web analytics for marketing professionals. (Acquired by HubSpot)
PostRank: Objective, real-time data and analysis. (Acquired by Google)
Radian6 offers a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with customers across the entire social web. Discover, connect, and lead the conversation.
SocialMention: Real-time social media search and analysis:
SocialOopmh: Boost your social media productivity.
SocMetrics: Topical influencer platform.
SproutSocial: Social media management tools.
Sysomos Map: Social media analysis platform.
Tap11: Real-time intelligence and engagement platform.
Terametric: Maximizing Social media marketing ROI.
Traackr: Relevance drives influence.
Trackur: SMM tools made easy.
Twittalyzer: Serious analytics for social relationships.
TwentyFeet: SMM and ego tracking.
UberVu: Real-time social media analytics.           
ViralHeat: SMM and analytics.
Vocus: On-demand software for public relations management.

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