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Jan 12, 2012

Our 2011 year end reflection included a look-back at the Technology and the Performing Arts Field: Usage and Issues report, and consideration of what has changed and what hasn't in the technology realm. Technology Training issues, have, if anything, only become more pressing and confusing since the report was published and the data collected. So, we're starting off the new year with some impetus toward achieving those resolutions to learn more about technology, and also encourage the development of technology skills within your organization and more broadly within the field. In this post, we introduce some excellent free resources everyone can make good use of.

BARE ESSENTIALS: Operating systems, business software, & social media



On this site you’ll find text and scree-shot based tutorials on basic things including operating systems (Microsoft and Mac) and business essentials like Word and Excel, and a host of things under a category they call Web 2.0, including information about File Conversion, Social Bookmarking, & Open Source.


HubSpot Training Center

A one-stop training center? We’ll find out soon enough. Originally slated to go live at the end of 2011, the portal is now scheduled for a launch later in January 2012. In the meantime, you can download 3 of their free Social Media Guides: How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Business.


For social media beginners, you can find an excellent primer on how to use Twitter on this wiki.

The “Unofficial Facebook Resource” includes helpful information about things like How to create a Facebook Landing Page in Three Easy Steps.  NOTE: The three easy steps might not seem so easy to everyone, but the instructions will get you there. (See also


Code Academy

Code Academy is a new, free, social, online software development training program aimed at a broad range of skill levels, including beginners. It’s imperfect—the jargon in particular will make you feel like you’re immersed in a foreign language, but that’s because you are.


Even more accessible is W3 Schools, which offers a host of scripting and web development tutorials that offer side by side views of your code and how it translates on the web.

Learntoprogram.TV offers some of the best video-based tutorials on things like JavaScript, but you might have to press the pause button more than once.


1st Web Designer

1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web developers and designers. The site offers tutorials, inspiration, discusion/opinion type articles, roundups, case studies, interviews and design news. Subject areas include coding (JavaScript, HTML & CSS, PHP) Webdesign (tips, tools, etc), Wordpress (themes, plugins, etc), and design freebies.

PSD Tuts is one of the greatest resources for inspiration and great step by step instructions for producing great results with Photoshop.

Adobe TV offers excellent video overviews of their suite of design programs. Their online help (see below) provides encyclopedic information on the software functionality, but they are technical manuals—don’t look for inspiration here.

Adobe Illustrator =
Adobe Photoshop =

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