Free Electronic Signatures With Adobe Reader X

Apr 16, 2012

The latest version of Adobe Reader X allows you to sign your documents for free, with no additional software needed. 
Reader users can choose between adding a cursive-looking signature or drawing their "mark" directly into their PDF documents with a simple toolbar, shown here.

New features of Reader include additional annotation tools, so you can add comments, sticky notes or other marginalia to your PDFs.  Adobe has a mobile update 10.2 to Reader that will have e-signature capability, as well, available for both iOS and Android phones.


E-signatures are not exactly popular, probably adopted by only a few percent of users - comparable to the use of encrypted emails. One issue has been the extra-purchase and steps that are needed to set things up. Another problem is the lack of awareness that Reader is a free app and its features have greatly expanded over time. You used to have to pay for a different version that would allow you to edit or annotate files. With Reader X, that is no longer the case, and you can do a fair amount of collaboration with the free software.

Download Adobe Reader X here.
Download the mobile version here.


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