'Social Media On Stage:Theater Meets Twitter,Facebook,Youtube, Tumbler, Soundcloud…'

Jan 9, 2013

" Theater, the original social media, meets its digital counterparts in form-breaking new live/virtual experiments:"
 *  Nerve Tank
s' The Attendants, in which texting drives the action, what action there is
New Paradise Laboratories' Fatebook, Extremely Public Displays of Privacy, with websites, tumblrs, ipod tours & Facebook pages for characters

The article quotes New Paradise artistic director Whit McLaughlin: 

"“It is important to me that more and more people become aware of the possibilities of online storytelling,” MacLaughlin says. “Theatre tends to hold its Luddite credentials high. We fancy ourselves to be the antidote to all that digital stuff.” He believes it is the wrong attitude. “If we’re serious about reaching young and nontraditional potential theatregoers, we’ve got to think of the Internet as a delivery system, not just of marketing but of content.”
By content, of course, he means those old-fangled things called plays."

This article first appeared in the January 2013 issue of American Theatre magazine, published by Theatre Communications Group
Available online through New York Theater

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