Third Day of NPAC Caucuses

Apr 1, 2010

Welcome back to the third day of the NPAC Caucuses! Under the guidance of AmericaSpeaks, we are following Jim Collins’ advice, taking a disciplined approach to identifying common goals and a clear vision of a vital performing arts community.

We began the process on Wednesday by reviewing a draft vision statement, providing feedback and taking a hard look at where we are succeeding, and failing, to reach that vision. Yesterday, in step 2, we identified and prioritized opportunities and challenges that we will want to address in order to move towards our vision.

Today, we’ll look at the results of Thursday’s caucus work; we’ll discover which of those opportunities and challenges resonated the most with the delegates; and we’ll agree on strategies to address them. Thursday’s work continued after the caucuses. At the packed Wells Fargo Theatre a rapt audience listened to business guru Jim Collins recount how his criteria for what makes a company great can also be applied to the public sector. While he cautioned that a performing arts organization should not be run strictly like a business, he felt there are lessons and business practices that can and should be applied to performing arts. Chief among those practices, he counseled, are choice and discipline—choice takes an organization down a path; discipline allows it to flourish in good times and survive in the tough ones. It’s important, he stated, that the artists and administrators, and the mix of dreamers and hard- core businessmen who make up many arts companies and their boards, hold fast to their core values, embrace a culture of discipline, and understand what is in their control to fix or to change. This understanding of scope and control, he also advised, was essential for the Town Hall vote on Saturday to succeed as well.

Delegates took the discussions out into the hallways and borrowed the techniques from the caucuses in their own meetings and breakout sessions, many applying them to help develop understanding and strategies for the future.

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